Karen Mace

Decluttering Coach
Helping Australians and Kiwis declutter their homes

The Problem

You find yourself feeling overwhelmed, ashamed and embarrassed by the state of your house. There is clutter and stuff everywhere and you struggle to find anything. You buy new things to replace things that you can’t find but then struggle to put them away as they don’t have homes and there really isn’t any room to store them. You are seriously considering renting a storage unit or two to hold the overflow from your house just to get more room.

You buy groceries that don’t fit in the pantry or cupboards as there is already too much stored there. Your benches are full of paper, dishes, or stuff so they are not functional. You desire to cook at home but you find yourself not able to locate anything in your pantry or fridge and the dirty dishes covering the stove prevent you from cooking. You throw out a lot of the food that you buy because it is expired or rotting and yet you hate creating waste.

You fear having people around (even friends) as they might see the state of your house and so you have become isolated especially in covid times because you don’t want people to visit you. You find yourself going out all the time so that people won’t see your house. You dread the day that an appliance in your house breaks down as then a tradie will have to come in and see your house - not just the kitchen, but the living room, dining room and hallway all filled with stuff in them. Even your bedroom has piles of clothes, laundry needing to be put away and no places to hide the stuff from the other rooms.


How I can help you?

I help people with too much stuff to work through the overwhelm, develop a plan to sort through the clutter and to actually take action to clear out the stuff. I also help you overcome obstacles on the way to a decluttered house or area. Having walked this journey personally, I understand how challenging each step of this process is. I provide you with the tools to sort through your stuff and routines to help you maintain the areas you have cleared.

During this process, you get to make the decision about what to keep and what to let go of. I work over Zoom and don’t actually come into your house. We work together to change the thinking that has kept you stuck with a cluttered house and you start to move forward with actually clearing out your house. We develop a plan in an individual session to meet your needs and priorities. Following that we journey together with one on one or group sessions to help you declutter your house depending on your preference. With coaching you can find the house of your dreams, know peace and be confident and excited in having friends or tradies in your house knowing that they will not be shocked by your house.

About Karen

Karen is a Registered Counsellor and Provisional Psychologist who has been helping people overcome obstacles and move through their stuck places for over 15 years. She has recently been on a personal decluttering journey, clearing out the majority of her house and is now happy to have people over without feeling embarrassed. Karen has trained as a Decluttering Coach giving her further skills to help you move forward.

If you need help with clearing off your benches, lounges, cupboards or robes or bedrooms and throwing away rubbish or simply working out where to start. Karen can empower you to formulate a plan and teach you the skills as to how to clear the clutter. Karen will train you to get onto those tasks that seem impossible.

All coaching is offered over Zoom.

Additional help is available if you live with the effects of a mental illness.

Karen Mace

If you are ready to reclaim your home from the clutter please click the button below to book an individual 45 minute coaching call for $150 to develop your personalised plan for how to tackle your house.

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